Checklist for a Long Distance Move

A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t hire professional long distance movers.

As a matter of fact, the whole process is often so tiring and stressful, it can easily become your nightmare! But not if you are careful with some crucial things. After all, you’re taking the things you care about and basically your life from one place to another.

That’s how vital finding the right movers is. Tammy as the manager of a moving and storage company GPS Moving can’t agree more. Now an established expert in the moving industry, she has always understood the importance of this huge decision people make. That’s why she dedicated herself to help them. And now help you.

How? Well, today’s your lucky day, because she’ll share some of her greatest lessons she’s learned through her career. Hop on and let’s get it started!

out of state movers checklist

Getting everything together

It’s great to pack something before the movers come, Tammy says to all of her clients. Or at least the essentials.

You shouldn’t wait for the doorbell to ring and then to start ordering stuff. No. That’d be your biggest mistake.

Instead, take care of the things you are confident you can gather on your own. For instance, disassembling the tables or chairs, wrapping the other objects, arranging them, and such.

Also, you can label your boxes or items with your name and even in which room they’re supposed to go in the new home. Clever, right?


The transportation

Yeah, the driving’s on the long distance movers you hire.

After the guys have packed you and loaded your stuff in the vehicle, it’s go time. That’s when the nervousness and the anxiety start. But not if you’re dealing with an expert moving company, Tammy says.

The professionalism and efficiency is seen in these very moments. While your belongings are in transit, you shouldn’t be excluded from the process. On the contrary, you should keep in touch with the driver. He/she is the one that’ll give you the latest updates on the goods, where they are, how much time they need to get there, et cetera.



We’re talking about moving long distance. So seeing your dear items lying on the floor of your new home is priceless.

Even before they arrive, Tammy adds, it’s best to have a clear vision of the space. Where will everything go? If you know the new rooms well, then unpacking and placing your things back would be a piece of cake.


Outstanding customer service

The professional movers truly value this aspect of the moving procedure, announces Tammy. Simply it’s the thing that differentiates the great from the not-so-great companies.

Long distance moving is absolutely a paramount milestone in your life and the people working there should know that.

That’s why you should look for friendly and customer-focused employees who will treat you as a part of the family. Because that is what you are.



That comes first! Especially as it’s a long distance journey.

It would be in vain if all of your items arrived damaged. Or didn’t come at all. Oh no!

So do your research before anything like that happens. According to Tammy, the key points you should look for are any certificates from credible institutions as well as reviews from customers.

Don’t leave anything to chances!


Saving time and money

A superb moving company will be affordable as well as speedy.

First of all it’s important to know your budget and then look for the right company for you. To lower the costs, take the most essential things with you or even find a firm offering a free quote. Watch out for hidden fees! They’re the worst nightmare ever!

Although it may not play a huge factor for some, seeing your stuff safe and sound in your new neighborhood in less than a week, for instance, means a lot for the overall quality of the service.


What do you think about long distance moving? Have you done it before?