At GPS Moving, a California-based long distance moving company, we are primarily known for our excellent services. We are an award-winning company, and one of the best in the state of California for moving services. GPS have been in the moving business for two decades now. The quality of our work is unbeatable and highly appreciated.

Before you hire any movers and trust them with all your belongings, it is important that you know everything there is to know about moving and that company.

Following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) by the customers regarding the entire moving process. Also, any other detail or query is provided for your full satisfaction and knowledge.

Q – Do you move within the state or you just deal in interstate moving?
A – No, we do not help to move within the state of California. GPS Moving only provides long distance moving services out of California.

Q – Do you take international moving deals?
A – Yes, GPS Moving does international moving in complete authentic and legal ways.

Q – Do you also provide packing and unpacking services, or I have to take care of that myself?
A – Yes, we will pack and unpack all your stuff with complete delicacy and appropriateness. When you hire GPS Moving, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just direct us about any particular ways and leave the rest to us. We will come to your place, pack all your stuff, load it in our trunks and will do the exact opposite at the moving destination.

Q – How many boxes would I need for the whole packing? Do I need to provide the boxes and other packing stuff like tape etc. to you?
A – If you only want us to load, transport, and unload; you will have to pack in your own boxes. However, if you want GPS Moving to do the same, just give us a minute idea of all of your stuff and we will do the rest ourselves.

Q – Do you also provide storage facilities?
A – Yes. We understand that there can be a million reasons for an emergent moving out from a house. Be it the lack of money, some fights with the members, or a breakup. And it is not easy to find a new place right away. So while you’re searching for a new haven for yourself, you can fearlessly store all your belonging with us and we will move it whenever and wherever you’d want us to.

Q – How do I know that a moving company is reliable and trustworthy enough for all my stuff?
A – Even though you may think it is always a risk you have to take, the fact is you can truly know the authenticity of a moving company.

· If a company is brand new and you are their one of the first, things can get a little suspicious. But if, like GPS moving, the company is a 20-year-old reputed giant, then you know you have hardly anything to worry about. Company’s positions and reputation can be very significant.
· If the company feels like a ghost company, for example, they are refusing to provide any contact number or permanent office address, you should not really trust them with your belongings. Also, never final the deal just on phone and then let some guys pick up your stuff. You should at least visit their office, and if the company is really what they say they are, they will definitely come to your house to get an entire idea of space required.
· Never pay heavy down-payments. There is always something fishy about companies demanding high down payments.

Q – How many days before do I need to contact the company before moving?
A – You can book your move as early as six months before. If the moving is interstate, we can provide services on the same day as well in case of emergencies. However, if you require international shipping, you need to contact us at least a week before.

Q – Do you transport liquor?
A – Liquor can be transported for interstate deliveries. However, we do not move liquor in international moving.

Q – Can you also move any kind of antiques or precious items?
A – Yes, we can. But it is still smart and important that any valuable like gold, diamonds, antique paintings, and other high-valuable stuff should be carried by you personally.

Q – Are you a licensed moving company?
A – GPS Moving is a fully licensed company, where every transporting vehicle is insured and every driver is licensed. Authenticity and legality are two things you never need to worry about when doing business with GPS Moving.

Q – How do I contact you and book a move?
A – You can either call us at 888.896.2086 on our helpline where our experienced and friendly employers will get on to helping you in every way. You can also leave a mail at info@gpsmoving.com . Furthermore, you can directly pay us a visit at our office and we would be delighted to assist you.