Guide for Out of state movers San Diego

That’s it! You’ve made one of the most important decisions in your life and now before you know it, you have to leave your old home behind. You’re moving out of the state’s borders. Yay or nay?

It depends on the moving company you choose and of your readiness to say goodbye to your old neighborhood and everything familiar. Let’s be realistic. This is a huge deal and that’s when the headaches begin. What to pack? How to pack it? Will it arrive intact at the new house? Questions and questions appear every day.

Guide for Out of state movers San DiegoBut, there’s a way to chase them away from your head. Interested now, aren’t you? Then, let me introduce Tammy Petrov, the manager of GPS Moving. During her vast experience leading the company, she’s encountered countless of out of state moving situations and handled each one of them without any trouble. That’s why, among other things, she and her team have received their reputation as some of the most professional out of state movers San Diego.

Ready to dive deeper into her tips and useful advice? Follow me!


Take as little as you can

You know that when you go to another state permanently the costs are rocket high. Something always comes up and you have to be ready to pay it.

Is there a way to save some more bucks, then? Of course it is. And Tammy has it.

She recommends taking as little stuff with you as possible. Take a careful look at everything you own and narrow down the necessities. I mean, honestly, you can live without your collection of primary school drawings while the hygiene set is a real must.


Find a purpose for the remaining belongings

Okay, let’s say you chose the top favorite items. Now what? What happens to the bunch of items you aren’t taking with you?

It’s the best if you make someone else happy with them rather than just throwing them away. By this I mean doing some of the following:

-Sell them online on sites like Craigslist or eBay

-Organize a garage sale

-Donate them to charity (people less fortunate than you will be ecstatic) and try to get a deduction of tax

You have to admit; these are pretty cool ideas that’ll freshen up your budget.


Check the legal requirements

Don’t even think about leaving your home without finding out what legal requirements apply to the state you’re moving to. Tammy strictly warns of this. That’s why, she and GPS Moving has always kept the customers informed about this.

You should ask the same of your chosen moving company.

Start with the company’s license. Ask if they have a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as a number from the Department of Transportation. This will show you who you’re dealing with, says Tammy.

Then, discover if any special permits are required in between the states for out of state moving. Your chosen company can help you with this.


Discover the company’s efficiency

You need to be sure that all the goods will follow you into the new state and arrive undamaged to your new place. Tammy considers this as the most important part when choosing who to trust with the move.

She suggests that you comb through the Net a little and find reviews about the service of the company you’re planning to hire. Ooh, sounds like you should transform into Sherlock for a while. So awesome.

Not to mention that by reading other people’s experiences you’ll see how the company manages the whole procedure.


Wow! These were really great tips, right? Thanks, Tammy! She really broke down everything you need to know and do when moving out of the state. I’m sure you’ll never look at the out of state movers the same way again. Cheers to that!