6 Benefits Of Seeking Storage During Your Move

The logistics of moving to a new house are often stressful. Normally, activities scheduled on your “to do” list rarely go as planned. It gets trickier if you are relocating or moving to a house whose sale has not been finalized yet. Most times, you will have to look for storage space to keep them safe as you firm up the final details. Fortunately, the availability of storage services has made long distance moving bearable if booked in good time. Early booking of storage space, when planning a move is quite important for the following reasons.

  1. It is cost effective

moving cross country San Diego caProper storage of items when moving saves, you money. Professional movers often give customers an estimate that matches their budget. Majority offer a good rate for the combination of moving and storage services depending on the work to be done. When compared to doing the packing on your own and seeking storage space separately, hiring them turns out to be a cheaper option. Also, their experience in handling items and packing them safely reduces any chance of damage and need for replacements.

  1. It is hassle free

Typically, packing for a move and transfer of items to a warehouse can be hectic. However, a moving company that offers storage services will handle everything for you. They handle the entire process from stock-taking to packing and moving to storage area. And they have appropriate packing supplies that make moving much simpler. Proper packing of household items also reduces time spent in getting them back later on.

  1. It is secure

Safe packaging is a common feature with professional movers. Household items are usually placed in appropriate packaging for the long move. The focus is on moving all your items safely to the warehouse and arranging them well. Delicate items such as electrical appliances are protected from dirt and moisture by the packaging. Also, storage spaces are often well ventilated to avoid any damage to goods. Both small and large spaces are often fully air-conditioned.

  1. It is flexible

The duration of storage in facilities offered by moving services has no restrictions. You can choose to store items for a short or long time period depending on your needs. However, some storage services may have minimum storage duration of a week. Alternatively, customers that want to extend or reduce their storage duration are allowed to do so. They only require a written agreement on the changes requested for the request to be executed.

  1. It is accessible

Goods stored in a warehouse during moving can be accessed at any time. Most storage spaces allow homeowners to look through their items at their convenience. It is possible to move items in batches as you settle down till everything is gone. In case of emergencies, a friend or family member acting as your representative may be granted access. However, some storage services will require a written approval to allow access.

  1. It is insured

Majority of long distance moving companies offer insurance as part of their service package. The insurance covers your goods as they are handled by their staff during packing and moving. In case of any damage in your home or in transit you will be reimbursed as per the contract. When moving services include storage space, benefits of the insurance are also extended to cover its use. Your items are insured until you are ready to pick them up regardless of the time duration.

In general, the best way to handle long distance moving is to hire a moving company that offers storage services. Whether you are looking for short or long term storage, they are worth your investment.

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