9 Things You Should Know About Moving During The Winter

Are you planning to move during the winter? Of course, it is not the best time to move. Moving alone is difficult enough, and the bad weather is not a good addition. However, circumstances might require you to move during the winter. And, due to the harsh weather outside, out of state movers San Diego tend to charge more. So, before you get all worked up about your winter move, here are a few things to consider.

  1. Hire professional out of state movers San Diego

A DIY move during the winter is not a good idea. Driving your own car during the winter is difficult enough. What makes you think driving an unfamiliar truck in the snowy conditions will be easy? Find professional movers who are experienced in moving during the winter.


  1. Clear snow and ice from the driveway

You need to have a snow-free driveway so that the moving truck can park as close as possible to your house. So, clear the snow from the driveway at both your current home and the home you are moving too.


  1. Dress up for the cold

Dress in layers to keep warm when you are out loading your possessions in the truck. The idea here is to remain in warm clothes should you have to remove some when you feel hot due to walking in and out carrying heavy stuff.


  1. Turn on the heat

To beat the cold outside, turn on the heating system. But, leave the door open to balance the temperature between the house and the outside. Shifting from cold air to warm air will get you fatigued quickly.


  1. Protect your glassware

Some items, especially those made of glass, easily break when exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Consider double-wrapping such items in blankets to ease the temperature transition.


  1. Have a backup plan

Keep an eye on the weather reports. If a report of a snowstorm falls on the day of the move, you might have to reschedule. Plan for such an eventuality by hiring a storage space or by requesting your landlord to extend your stay.


  1. Do not pack winter supplies

Shovel, ice scraper, salt, and gloves should go into your car not inside the moving truck. On arrival at your new home, you might need to remove ice from the walkway and driveway.


  1. Have a warm drink ready

The cold causes fatigue. So, the loaders will need breaks. Nothing is more inviting during the cold weather than a warm beverage such as hot chocolate. It will provide the energy and warmth they need to get back to the loading work.


  1. Cover the floors and carpet

As you move in and out when loading and unloading the truck, you will drag snow and mud into the house. Protect the floor and carpet by covering them with old sheets or plywood.


With the right out of state movers San Diego, moving during the winter will be a lot easier. Considering the potential moving savings that come with the season, it is not that bad to move during the winter. For more moving tips and guides, visit our blog.

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