Moving During The School Year

The best time to move is during the summer when the kids are at home for the holidays. Unfortunately, sometimes you do not get to choose when to move. It is a few weeks into fall and you have just landed a promotion that requires you to move to an office across the country. In such a case finding long distance movers San Diego is not the challenge. The real challenge is preparing your kids for a move within the school year. It is difficult but possible.

Here are a few tips you will find helpful.

Before the move

  • Find the ideal neighborhood for your family. An ideal neighborhood is one that is similar to your current neighborhood, or better.
  • Involve your children in the house hunting. House hunting for a move is often a daunting task. You want the perfect match or something as close as possible to your current home. But, a home cannot be perfect if your kids do not like it. So, involve them in the house hunting and consider their input.
  • Involve the kids in choosing the new school. It is the middle of a school year and you do not want your kids to miss too much school. So, they should begin school as soon as you are settled in the new home. But, the transition to a new school is difficult on kids. Research nearby schools. Pay a visit to the schools with your kids so they can see how school life in those schools feels and looks like. This will help them adapt to the new school easily.

During the move

  • Find a good long distance mover San Diego has to offer. During the school year, you do not want your move to be handled by mediocre movers. You want the move to go as swiftly as possible so you can settle in fast enough for your kids to continue school.
  • Assign moving tasks to your kids. Whether it is labeling boxes, packing their own staff or sealing packing boxes, the idea is to let your kids feel involved. If they feel left out, they will have a hard time adapting to the new life.
  • Pack the kids’ rooms last. That way, their staff will be the first to be unpacked, making them feel at home quickly, and even prepare for the school day ahead as soon as possible.
  • Put their favorite toys and important school items in a bag. Keep these items with you as you travel to your new destination. This helps them be in a familiar environment and to start preparing for school in advance, just in case you arrive at the new home way ahead of the moving van.

After the move

  • Connect with the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors as soon as you can. Bake a cake and encourage your kids to invite the neighbors’ children over. A small party will help them make new friends in the hood, which will help make school a familiar place.

Need long distance movers, San Diego?

Moving during the school year takes its toll on your kids, especially those in middle school and high school. Help ease the process by finding a mover that understands your needs. Talk to us!

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