Different Instances Where Your Moving Process Needs Storage

Few moves are as straight-forward as transporting all your stuff from the old house to the new house. In fact, most moves involve a lot of complications including logistics, bad timing and indecisiveness. Luckily, there is a way to make this stressful period easier by using a reputable moving company that also offers storage.

When do you require storage?

Whether you are moving across the state or just nearby, here are some instances where you may need to use a storage facility during the move:


When your new house is smaller than your old house, you may be required to get rid of some of your stuff. But, as we all know, parting with personal belongings is never easy and one may require some time to sort through them and decide what to give away and what to keep. Since you can’t make those kinds of decisions in a hurry, a reputable storage space may come in handy as you think about what to do with the stuff.

Lease gaps

Sometimes it happens that your old lease ends before the new house is ready for occupation. It could be that the new house requires some renovations or the old tenant is still in there or other reasons. In such instances, you may need to live in a hotel and wait for the new house to be available. Since you can’t leave your stuff in the old house, a moving company can store your items temporarily until the moving day.

Shipping possessions before or after your arrival

If your new job or school requires you to report immediately, you may have to travel before your stuff arrives. Other times, your possessions may be transported in advance because you have unfinished business in your current state or town. In a case where you won’t be available to receive the stuff in your new home, a storage facility will come in handy.

Short notice move

Did your old house sell faster than you expected? Did your lease end before you found a new place? If you have to move out of your current house and you don’t have a new place to go to, consider storage units as you continue to search for a new place. Buying or leasing a home is an important decision that should not be rushed so take your time to get the perfect house.


Do you have furniture that you are not sure will go with the new house? Are there seasonal items or precious keepsakes that you haven’t decided if you want to keep? The best thing about storage is that you don’t have to make all the decisions on the spot. Just move all the non-negotiables and store the rest of the stuff until you decide.

Moving some stuff and storing others can be easy or hard depending on how you handle the situation. The best thing is to choose a company that offers both services for convenience, cost-cutting, expert handling and peace of mind.


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