How To Find Cross Country Movers

Are you planning to move across the country? If yes, have you found a cross country mover?

The first step of moving is finding the right mover. It is after you start the search that you will realize it is not as easy as you thought. And because the moving company will be handling all your precious belongings, you want to find a reliable, trustworthy, and professional moving company for the job.

But how exactly do you find cross country movers? Read on to find out.

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Cross country movers

Cross country movers, also known as interstate movers, are those moving companies that transport households or businesses across state borders. Unfortunately, not all moving companies can do that. By law, cross country movers are required to provide customers with a copy of rights and responsibilities, which is published by the Transportation Department Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The document details procedures you need to know before contacting a cross country moving company.

Where to find cross country movers

Gone are the days when one consulted Yellow Pages when looking for businesses. The internet is now the most reliable place to find cross country movers. Here, you are looking for the reputation and experience of the moving company. You get such information through review websites, such as Consumer Affairs and Yelp, and customer testimonials which are available on the companies’ websites.

As much as a company is good, if they are not located near you, the move will be costly. Therefore, you should localize your search. For example, if you are located in San Diego, type “cross country movers in San Diego” in the search box.

Narrow down your search

To narrow down your search, consider these three things;


It is rare for these review websites to mislead you to an unlicensed moving company. But still, it is advisable to check if they are licensed by the US Department of Transportation. Request their USDOT number and verify the license on the US Department of Transportation website.


It is not common for moving companies to damage items during transportation. But, in the case of damages during transportation, the company is liable. So, to be on the safe side consider only those companies that are insured. The insurance cover should amount the value of the stuff they are moving for you.


You want the best price for your move. But cost should not compensate the quality of service you will receive. First identify the top three moving companies you would like to work with, based on reputation, experience, and quality of service. Then, request quotes from these companies. Now, you can make a decision based on price.

Other features to consider

Aside from cost, insurance, and licensing these other factors should help you make the correct decision.

Customer service

A company is only as good as its customer service. Its customer service should be accessible and should respond quickly be it via phone call, email or chat. With multiple means of communication, you can easily communicate with staff in the event of an emergency.

In case you have a lot of questions and concerns, you can visit their offices. Such a visit will give you a good idea as to the quality of the company you are about to commit to.


A reliable moving company is knowledgeable in both household and commercial moves. The online research mentioned earlier is a good way of gauging knowledgeability. Also, a reliable company should have adequate resources. They have more than enough trucks, packaging materials, loading equipment, and enough personnel.

Means of transport

You should also scrutinize the means of transport they provide. Vans, while cheap, they are only good for local moves or moves that involve just but a few special items. But if you are moving an office or a household, you need a company that has mid-size trucks and semi-trucks.

After accessing the items to be moved, a good moving company will recommend the best size of truck to transport your things.

Finalize the process

At this point, you have scrutinized and vetted the moving companies. It is time to finalize the search process by picking the mover you think will best suit your move. Contact the winning candidate so that they can come for an in-house visit. During the visit, show the mover the things you need them to relocate so that they can provide a final and precise quote.

And that is how to find cross country movers. It is a simple enough process if you follow the procedure above. Never solely rely on cost – experience, reputation, and reliability are the most important qualities of a moving company.