Top Tips To Help You Move Successfully

Top Tips To Help You Move Successfully

Moving from one state to another is no easy task. It requires great planning and careful execution of all your plans. So if you’re thinking about moving from CA to NV, then these tips will help simplify things for you and will ensure that you choose only honest moving companies for this assignment.

1.     Verify the Mover’s Identity

You have to be sure that you’re entrusting your personal belongings to trustworthy people. These things should raise an eyebrow:

  • No address or phone number given on their website
  • Price so low that it sounds too good to be true
  • No federal motor carrier number is shown

Reliable moving companies will always include all of the above information on their website.

2.     Get Written Estimates

Don’t rely only on estimates given over the phone. Ask the mover to send along someone in person and provide you a written estimate. This will really make things easy for you and will protect you from uncalled-for hassle later on.

3.     Know Your Rights

There are two publications offered by the Federal Government that reveal your rights when moving from one state to another, such as CA to NV. Make sure you go through them and are aware of your rights.

4.     Avoid Paying Huge Down Payments

Reliable moving companies will never ask you for a large down payment, and those that do are not worthy of being trusted with your belongings. A small deposit for holding a particular date is something else, and it may be required especially in busy seasons.

5.     Take Your Valuables with You

Always, always take your valuables such as gold, cash, and important documents with you. No matter how reliable or trustworthy a mover is, these things are better off being in your possession!

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