Storage San Diego Tips

Are you moving and need some space to store your belongings at before you settle in a new place?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in a desperate need of a great storage facility. While moving out of the state or being unable to perfectly adjust the time schedules, your items must stay somewhere. That’s something that can truly push it all downhill.

So, yeah, finding the right storage is super, super important. And before you start panicking, read these lessons from a storage and cross country moving expert. Woo-hoo! Tammy of GPS Moving and Storage San Diego who has been in the business for around a decade. She knows how to cross every t and dot every i.

Here’s what she has to say when it comes to storing and all the issues that come with it.


Safety and security come first

storage in San Diego CAThe first thing you should look for in a storage facility is easily the safety and security, Tammy says. Even when she was thinking about her company, this was something she was basing her thoughts on.

After all, these places are where you are going to put all of your personal stuff. And you need to feel 100% sure that nothing would be damaged or, worse, stolen.

An interesting tip is to do your homework beforehand. Sounds smart, right? Check the storage facility’s site, its rankings, certificates, reviews, and such. That’ll give you a picture of what to expect of their service.


Storing everything

It’s not only home items you might want to put for safe keeping.

A storage that meets the standards should offer services for something more than your furniture, books, and clothes. By this we mean, cars, bikes, motorbikes. Even RVs and boats.

If they accept these, that’s a sign of an awesome company, advises Tammy.


Climate control

Items which are exposed to weather conditions are definitely going to be damaged in a flash according to Tammy. And every other scientist out there.

So, make sure to find the company that will know which items can stay outside and which indoors. For instance, the wood will be absolutely ruined by humidity or drastic changes in temperature. Yikes!

To protect your objects from the elements, find a storage unit that says ‘climate-controlled’. It’s more significant than you may think at first glance.


Customer service staff

These people help you form the first impression of the whole company.

That’s why they put their best, most communicative, and friendly people there. These people, teaches Tammy, are the ones that will guide you through your whole storing procedure as well as answer every single one of your questions. If they’re cold and build a wall between you and themselves, you don’t need them.

When we’re talking about the staff, you should absolutely trust the security guys as well as the maintenance team of the storage unit.


Keep your items clean

Although, your moving company may help you with this, it’s best to know what to do to protect your belongings.

Even before everything’s transported, make sure to disassemble everything that can be disassemble, of course.

Then, wrap it all! It’s basically storing 101 in Tammy’s opinion.

In the storage, however, nothing should be placed on the ground. That’s why professional companies use pallets.



The first things when considering a storage is:

  1. Professionalism and dedication to the work
  2. Great conditions
  3. Affordability
  4. Guarantees

We’ll talk a bit about the last point. When signing the contract or before that, Tammy points out, it’s crucial to see whether the company you trust with your objects will guarantee for their amazing state. Also they must vouch that all of their services will be executed fully.


What are your opinions when it comes to storage? Have you done it or intend to?